Farez Jinnah is primarily a dispute resolution firm that also provides pre-dispute advisory for clients that help their work flow minimize and manage their litigation risks or improve their documentation systems in aid of litigation.

While we are proud of the matters we conduct on behalf of our clients, our scope and breadth work shall be solely upon request from our prospective or current clients. Please feel free to schedule an introductory meeting with us, so that we can be better acquainted with your needs and dispute at hand.


We aim to resolve matters for our clients to the benefit of their long-term business and personal goals. Our legal system is adversarial – there two sides to which one must win and the other must lose. More often than not, legal costs which are ever increasing, become a factor. Every client in the back of their minds will often consider the viability of such an endeavor.

However, our firm maintains a fresh perspective on such simplistic and binary views of the adversarial approach, i.e. it is possible that even when you are losing, you win. This fluidity in approach and thinking enables us to manage and temper our clients understanding of their disputes by proposing novel and practical solutions in their matters.

It is our firm belief is that we can assist our clients in minimizing their legal risk footprint by planning ahead. In doing so, our clients can approach Court with a sense of confidence that they have done their best to minimize their exposure to disputes in Court.

We also offer attractive rates on our advisory cum retainer plans tailored to your needs, whether you are an individual or company. Our plans are suitable for individuals with large business portfolios or small and medium sized companies that require day to day oversight of operations or do not have the benefit of legal counsel to address legal risks attributable to debts arising from goods sold or services rendered, or even balancing risks from borrowings. Such plans are long term investments by the client to minimize disputes and legal costs in the long run.

Simply schedule an introductory meeting with us and we will take it from there. During our first meeting, we will address the scope of your needs and provide plan and billing options with terms for your consideration.